Apple's Mac Outpaces Recovering Computer Market in Q2 2024

In an outstanding manner, Apple has maintained its rate of growth above global recovery of the PC Market in the second quarter of 2024. PC market, which incorporates Mac from Apple, recently envisaged anew statistics by Canalys, and it has grown 3. 4 % growth than the year 2008, rising to 62%. 8 million units shipped. This growth can be considered as the evidence of the gratting and the further development of the technologic sector.

Key Insights and Details:

Market Dynamics:

Laptop Dominance: Note that laptops remained the most popular category of the devices, with 50 million units shipped, up from 48 million in the same period a year before. Desktops though amounted to a significantly smaller growth of 1% to a total of 12. 8 million units. This trend has made many people to embrace portable computing solutions in their work and personal life.

Apple’s Growth: Apple managed to secure the fourth rank of the PC vendors in the world, shipping 5. 249 thousand units and speaking for 0. 45 percent of market share while the global auto giant sold 5 million units taking 9 percent market share. This can be considered as a 6% of increase compared with the number recorded in the first half of 2023. MacBook had some outstanding models during this year, and this played a great role in the overall growth.

Top Competitors:

Leading Vendors: Among all the companies, Lenovo was the market leader, with 14. 7 million units shipped, representing a 4% Y/Y increase in sales. HP logging the second closest score with 13. 7 million units in the same quarter and within the same year, Dell delivered 10. To a number of 1 million units, total have slightly fallen to 2%. Asus posted the highest growth rate at 17% and sent out 4. 5 million units.

Market Turnaround: The PC market has indicated an upward trend since the last three quarters. This recovery is expected to persist with extended by the ending of technical support for Windows 10 in October of year 2025 which might prompt the upgrading the of systems.

Future Prospects:

Apple’s AI Strategy: An equally important boost to the projection is the recent arrival at an understanding of what Apple AI means. The release of Apple Intelligence should augur well with Mac products’ effectiveness for users in their personal or organizational endeavours.

Technological Advancements: Upcoming gizmos like M3 Pro as well as possible M4 Ultra enhancements are likely to fuel more interest in Mac goods; particularly in the professional segment that demand high-computing capabilities.


Steve…[ Apple has posted exemplary results in the global PC market because] it has strategically positioned itself and is rapidly growing through innovations. Therefore, other technological developments, like improving the Apple Mac and integrating artificial intelligence, will also help to maintain the apple company’s competitiveness in the tech industry as a whole.