NASA Schedules Spacewalk for ISS Maintenance and Microbe Collection

In a latest development, it is stated by the space agency of America, NASA for a spacewalk scheduled on Thursday June 13,2024 that is basically in connection with the usual repair work as well as various scientific research activities in the International Space Station (ISS). The rank -dubbed US spacewalk 90- will involve astronauts NASA Tracy C Dyson and Matt Dominick.

Schedule and Coverage

Live coverage of the spacewalk will commence at 6:In the case of this spacewalk, the launch of the extravehicular activity was set at 8:30 p. m. GMT, which is 30 a. m. EDT, with the spacewalk itself beginning at 8:00 a. m. EDT. It is estimated that the operation is going to take 6 hours 30 minutes in total. The event will be aired across NASA’s multiple platforms with NASA+, NASA Television, the NASA app, YouTube, and official website hosting the event as it unfolds.

Objectives of the Spacewalk

The primary objectives of the spacewalk are twofold:The primary objectives of the spacewalk are twofold:

How to Watch

For one to watch the spacewalk in real-time, he/she can stream it on NASA or make use of social media as the event unfolds. NASA promotes this event by airing it live and fans can engage with the event real-time through their social media accounts.

Electronics Maintenance: The astronauts will replace a damaged electronics box referred to as the radio frequency group that is in a communications antenna on the STARboard strike of the ISS.

Microbe Collection: Dyson and Dominick will also take samples to be harvested to find out how capable microorganisms are in their reproduction on the outside part of the orbiting laboratory.

Astronaut Details

  • Tracy C. Dyson will be one of the spacewalkers clad in a spacesuit labeled with red stripes to identify him as Extravehicular Crew Member 1. This will have been the fourth time Dyson to go spacewalking.
  • Matt Dominick will be working as s SRC-2, in the suit with no identifying marks. This will be the first time for Dominick to be outside of the space station carrying out some tasks.

Post-Spacewalk Announcements

After the two spacewalks were completed, the names of the US astronauts who will take part in US Extravehicular Activities 91 and 92 which will be on Monday June 24th and Tuesday, July 2nd will be released by NASA. Further information about these subsequent spacewalks shall be given in post spacewalk news conference.

Importance of the Mission

This spacewalk is evidence of NASA focusing not only on preserving the ISS but also on continually improving the capabilities of the structure as a scientific laboratory and center for cooperation among countries around the world. The replacement of the faulty electronics box is necessary for sustaining sound connectivity; as for the collection of microbial samples, it will help the researchers to establish how organisms can survive in space, which information is vital for long-duration space travel.