3 Wounded After Gunman Opens Fire Near UChicago Medicine

It was a sad start to the day early Sunday morning when three people were shot, and injured close to the UChicago Medicine. The incident occurred at approximately 5:At around 20 a. m. at 5717 S. Cottage Grove Ave.  the accused fired and also caused a swift response from the Chicago police and University of Chicago police.

There are eye-witness accounts detailed, one of them stated that the occupant of a dark gray SUV pulled out a handgun from the vehicle and shot several people standing next to a parked car. The suspect then sped off the Medical Center area in his blue SUV going south bound on Cottage Grove Avenue.

When the police got to the scene, there were three people on the sidewalk: all shot. The victims were quickly rushed to the University of Chicago Adult ER for treatment to be administered on. It is still undefined at the present how their condition is now and if they are linked with the university now or in the past.

The reports indicate that this could be a case of a direct attack from a specific person. The police in Chicago have taken up a manhunt to arrest the suspect behind the attack since they have not established the reasons why the attack took place.

Key Details:

  • Location: The location of this thrift store is 5717 S. Cottage Grove Ave. near UChicago Medicine. 
  • Time: Around, 5:20 in the morning on the seventh of July, two thousand, twenty-four. 
  • Victims: Three persons with bullet injuries 
  • Suspect: Driver of a dark grey EX, immediately drove southbound in Cottage Grove Ave. 
  • Response: Police- 911 & medical-911, victims took to the University of Chicago Adult Emergency Room
  • Investigation: Continuous, although there are preliminary reports of a targeted shooting. 

This has been considered as a rise of insecurity in the region and law enforcement officials have encouraged anyone with information that can be useful in the case to come forward.