PGP in Cyber Security


Course that allows you to choose worldwide by company who want to save themselves from cyber thread attacks on them. According to cisco there will be huge demand in at 2019 for cyber security. as cyber security is increasing at a very fast rate and companies were investing a huge amount in cyber security firm because of lots of thread attack on companies data and website.


  • Security analyst
  • Project manager
  • Security system manager
  • Cryptographer
  • Consultant
  • Security system developer or programmer information security auditor

The program is completely online which can be access by you any time anywhere. You can take online anytime anywhere from home or from office. The ICASR allow students to get access it as per their schedule. Additionally, ICASR has two distinct advantages over traditional Brick and Mortar universities. Firstly, our faculty and professor were highly trained and highly experienced having great education who will students to be highly capable of doing Cyber Range. The second advantage, and perhaps most important, is that you will be getting hands on education and use tools and technology that you will be using in the field. With ICASR you will be able to treat the threads easily and this will make you and your company from internet hacking.

Course Features

  • Lectures 150
  • No of Hours 300 Hours
  • Min Duration 1 year
  • Max Duration 1 Years
  • Skill Level Advance
  • Language English
  • Students 1134
  • Certificate MSCS
  • Faculty World Class
  • Recognition International
  • Methodology Research Based


  • Algorithms & Data Structures in C and C++
  • Hardware & Software Systems Hardtack Graphics
  • Introduction to Forensic Tools.
  • Introduction to Networking.
  • introduction to Security Technologies
  • introduction to security software development
  • Introduction to Software Development
  • Mathematics & Statistics for Computing
  • Systems and Database Analysis
  • Creating software tactics to hardware.


  • Computer Systems Low Level Techniques
  • Computer system high level Techniques
  • Security Hardware & Software Systems & Networks
  • Ethical Hacking with latest tactics and through C++ Language
  • LAN Switching and WAN Networks
  • Professional & Enterprise Development program
  • Router Security Technologies
  • Router hacking Technologies
  • Router APC Software programming
  • System Programming & Computer Control
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Computer System Software
  • Malicious Software and Security Programming
  • Image Processing
  • Group Case Study
  • Biometrics level of hacking
  • Project: Artefact Realization, Testing & Evaluation
  • Project: Planning, Management, Communication & Appraisal
  • Project: Research, Analysis Design
  • Live practical on design and hacking.
  • Program codes list.

What is PGP in cyber security?

This course will enable you to make your company to be secured from cyber attacks and thread. This would make your career to boost and make Cyber attacks can be classified by their participating actors (states vs. non-states) and their attack mechanisms (e.g., direct attack, malware, exploits). See the Cyber Attack Classifications and Cyber Attack Mechanism Taxonomy sections on the Cyber Threats page for more information.

Scope of PGP in cyber security?

As the world is moving in digital way at very fast rate and this is making hackers to damage or steal the threads this would makes your company safe from them and as per the economy times there would be more in demand by 2019 .Every government and Non government agency were in future opening thousands of vacancy for expert in cyber security with a huge package.

Mode of education and Practical training?

Mode of training with ICASR would be online by our professional and trained cyber security expert which will teach you the current statics of cyber security. Apart from it there should be online training and online practical training would be held this would make you be expert in theory as well as in practical knowledge.

What is cyber risk?

As 100% the whole company is going digital and many cyber thief were making a lot of hacking and stealing data from government and non government business and this is damaging their business this is called cyber risk and companies were hiring cyber security expert and offering them a great money to them.

Is there is any mode to meet faultily?

The mode of teaching is online and if you have any type of doubts then you may connect with them through online mode or via skype call which will make you and your doubts to clear.

How successful were students after this course?

After completing this course our students were selected by top MNC’s and top government sector for their work on high payroll. Most of the students were being selected by top MNC’s from aboard.

Did ICASR will provide the e books to students?

Yes during the learning session students were being provided by the latest and upgraded study material which will help students to learn the current tactics.

What are the timings of a normal batch?

We are open 7 days a week, 10am to 7pm. Our batches are scheduled within the office time. We have weekend batches as well. Corporate students usually opt for weekend batches conducted on Saturday & Sunday.

May I make payment online for admission without visiting your office?

Yes, possible.

I have burning question, to which I have not yet found the answer. Whom should I ask?

Shoot an email we will reply you back. Please do not ask something which we already have replied above.