Executive - Post Graduate Program In Management

Learn How to avail Post Graduation Program in Management in simple words:

The Post Graduate program in management is called a master level program. This course is promoting to someone to obtain a degree of master of business Administrator which is of two years, full-time residential program. It is designed to cover a different aspect of the market in terms of getting suitable awareness of the business task with a different new strategy and methods. PG course always enhances the superb skills and upgrades you with the perfect awareness of corporate goals instantly.

Course Description:

When someone is going to be a master of any particular subject, is called a master of management. It is a complete package of the program that provides advanced general management program information of the Bachelor of business. It implies that if you have completed your Bachelor degree in the business and now you are going to be a master of the business program, then an Executive- Post-Graduate Program in management (Executive PGPM) is most important to avail the master level program or degree by doing just simple effort. This course is associated with a number of courses like where you have an extraordinary opportunity to cover all the relevant topics such as Marketing, Financial, Human resources, Productions, Financial Entity, business management, and much more. So if you are ever choosing one as the above-mentioned subject, you will directly complete your PG in management and this might become master of one subject comes under the business program with ease.

Along with that, it is a full-time executive PG program and an only intensive year residential program which is created specifically for professional with the remarkable track record, and to complete this kind of the course, it is most important to have sufficient work experience in wide range of the company. Thus, if you are showing interest to enroll in the master level program like management, you may approach the concerned person to obtain more information to get admission in management course via simple way and make your future luminous.

Executive PGPM Eligibility Criteria:

A candidate should have obtained 55% marks in the Bachelor degree in any discipline of at least three years duration from a recognized university. In addition to this, it is also most important to obtain complete three years’ experience in a wide range of the industries. Post graduate program is a successful course selected by the different subject, but it might change the career amazingly.

Admission process of Executive PGPM:

In case you are willing to take admission in the PGPM, you must need to understand the basic concepts to complete the task carefully.

There are the perfect pieces of advices to go for the process of admission process as listed down.

  • Go to the online website page where candidates should fill in the page with the complete professional, educational details.
  • Applicants of ICASR are shortlisted on the basis of the above-mentioned eligibility criteria. And this process is followed by conducting an interview round.
  • Get ready to complete the entrance examination that helps to ensure that you are the candidate shortlisted for the executive PGPM course.
  • A candidate might get a provisional offer of admission on the basis of weighted score of the candidate’s demographic profile, academic profile, course relevant work experience, personal interviews, and much more.

So if you are the right candidate for the Executive PGPM and want instant admission, then you would have to go through the above-mentioned requirement. And after completing your certificate or degree you can become more eligible to find out the job in the wide range of the company at the highest salary instantly.

Benefits of Executive Post Graduation Program in Management:

It is quite important to know the benefits of doing a master in management before getting admission. When it comes to the benefits, it does require mandatory work experience. Apart from that, this course helps students to develop plenty of leadership and managerial skills and include internship opportunities of practice experience.

Likewise, most of the students can find out the other extraordinary benefits as listed down:

  • Post-graduate in management does not allow any kind of work experience and it offers general information for the executive.
  • Masters in Management are internationally oriented for the international and Indian students.
  • Offering versatile study experience and providing genuine information related to the task type.
  • This course is capturing insights from business leaders worldwide.
  • With the help of this course, most of the candidate might have developed a complete set of managerial skills to get a job immediately.
  • This course is quite beneficial for the business understanding for the self-task at any time.

So don’t miss the best opportunity for various benefits and get the admission online. But if you find any hassles and you don’t know what to do, you can immediately contact the counselor who will assist you in all respects at any time.

Course Features

  • Lectures 105
What do you mean by PGPM?

PGPM is a one year Post Graduate Program in Management providing the advanced general management program information of the Bachelor of Business. It is basically for the candidates who are having at least 36 months of full-time work experience.

By whom this course can be pursued?

This 1 year PGPM program is specially designed for professionals who have 3 years of full-time work experience and who are looking forward to gaining the competencies of general management to accelerate their career growth.

Can the candidates who are still pursuing their graduation apply?

No, only the candidates who have completed their graduation can apply for this course.

How is ICASR helped by the MOUs with various institutes?

The main purpose of MOUs with various institutes is mainly to share the resources, which will be of assistance for the students in getting better exposure. It works as a platform for both the institutes to share the knowledge formally and for mutual benefit.

Why is this course only for 1 year?

In Europe and in other parts of the world, this 1 year format is universal. One year program is almost the same as two year program. If we see in terms of a number of classroom hours, there is no significant difference between a two year course and a one year course. No holiday is there between the terms. The executives who are working can only be away from work for a year instead of 2. Moreover, this program enables the student to start working a year earlier.

How can I submit the recommendation letter?

The details/official email ID of the recommender's have to be provided by the applicants at the time of filling the application forms. It is from the final selected candidates' recommenders that the recommendation letter should be collected in an online format ona later date.

Which is the score that is considered for the admission process?

That all depends on your discretion- However, if more than one score is reported by you, then your best score will be considered for the process of admission.

Does ICASR provide placement help?

Excellent placement record is held by ICASR. We regularly post such job opportunities to our certified students but we don't commit the placement to any of our students.

How will you contact the recommenders for the reference?

A user and the password will be emailed to the recommenders so that they can use thatto login to our website to complete the process of recommendation.