PGP in cloud computing

Post Graduation Program in Cloud Computing and its scope

As the Information Technology is engulfing the world with innovations and continually introducing new technologies in the day to day life making a clear pathway for all human beings to evolve in a new way. Apparently, the next big thing of this era is Cloud Computing which has not only made life easier but also has given sound career opportunities to the young minds. At the present time, if someone thinks to build a career in Cloud Computing, then it would be a futuristic decision that will add a bit to one's career growth. Investing your skills and knowledge to take a good career decision always brings a bright future with a wealthy profession.

Apart from this, if one completes PGP in Cloud Computing, it will not only provide job security to the candidate but also will offer a chance to get a handsome salary. Also, the Cloud Computing post graduation program is one of the globally recognized programs that offer learning of designing, implementation, and managing cloud computing systems. Besides this, in the recent years, a massive career growth has been noticed in the number of employees who have done this course. As the businesses and organizations have moved their services and infrastructures on cloud service which has arisen a number of jobs in cloud computing to manage the services. Hence this course promises a positive career growth outcome.

Learning Outcomes

Once a candidate completes PGP in Cloud computing, the candidate will acquire the given skills and knowledge for cloud computing:

  • A thorough understanding of designing, building and deploying cloud-based services. A complete understanding of the basics of Cloud Computing.
  • The candidate gains proficiency in the renowned cloud services AWS (Amazon Web Services), AZURE (Cloud Computing service by Microsoft) or Google Cloud.
  • Also, a thorough knowledge of Containers and Microservices to architect applications.
  • The candidate will have an understanding of all aspects of both Big Data - Infrastructure & Analytics.
  • Above all, the candidate will have proficiency in DevOps on Cloud and understandability of working on multiple managed services.

Eligibility Criteria for Post Graduate Programs in Cloud Computing:

If any candidate wants to do PGP in Cloud Computing, then, the candidate must have completed the technical education or should have the working experience of at least three years in technology along with one or more of the given skill sets:

  • Systems Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Network Engineering
  • ITSM
  • Software Development
  • Testing/QA
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Maintenance & Tech Support
  • Career Opportunities

There are lots of job opportunities out there after completing Post Graduate Programs in Cloud Computing in both technical field and management jobs. Some of the job profiles that can be achieved by doing post graduation program in Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Technical Jobs
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Services Developer
  • Cloud Architect, Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Business and Tech-Management Jobs
  • Cloud Sales jobs - Enterprise Sales, SMB Sales, Account Executives or Managers
  • Cloud Marketing Analyst
  • Cloud Marketing Manager
  • Cloud Consultants,
  • Technical Program Management
  • Solution Consultant
  • Cloud Product Manager,
  • Cloud Business Operations Analyst,
  • Cloud Program Manager
  • Cloud Technical Project Manager,
  • Prospective Employers for Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Security Companies
  • IT and S/W Service Companies
  • Cloud Technology Vendors
  • Training Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Service Providers

How PGP in Cloud Computing would be helpful for career growth?

For all the progressive minds around the world PGP in Cloud Computing is a way to build a career with the highest rate of earnings. A step to bring a revolution in cloud computing, as almost every sector, has reached the cloud services making the business more secure with virtualization environments; there will be an exponential requirement in the next decade for trained professionals who can deploy the Cloud technology as a weapon.

Hence the requirement for professionals with an understanding of Cloud Computing is expected to rise exponentially with more and more organizations willing to implement this technology into their businesses. As a result, the course is becoming the most promising career options for all the tech-minds and the aspiring candidates. If you are one of those candidates, who are looking out to build a career in Cloud Computing, enroll yourself for Post graduate programs in cloud computing now.

Course Features

  • Lectures 105