PGP in Internet of Things


Internet, as you know, is one of those basic things which have changed everything for us and has been a boon for the IT sector. And in order to match up with the pace of the revolutionary internet world, the education system has ensured that the candidates are provided with the best courses in order to make their career in this dynamic sector. So, for all the graduates who wish to excel in the IT sector, PGP in Internet of Things is a course that would help them to stand out of the crowd.

Postgraduate program in Internet of Things is basically an advanced level program which provides candidates expertise in design, development, and arrangement of various IoT systems and applications. Further, the candidates are also provided with the complete knowledge about the four main components of IoT i.e software, hardware, data, and application systems.

So, for all the candidates who wish to enroll in this program, here are the complete details regarding this program, its eligibility criteria, benefits, and job prospects.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to enroll in PGP in Internet of Things should meet the following requirements:

  • Should be a working professional
  • Should have a graduation degree in BE/ B.Tech or an equivalent degree in electronics, computer science or other related domains.

Admission process for enrolling in Post Graduate Program in Internet of Things

Once the candidates meet the eligibility criteria, they can easily enroll in the program by:

  • By filling up the registration form online.
  • Once their application is accepted, candidates can make payment for completing the admission process.

And for the candidates who wish to know what are the benefits of completing this program then, here are some of the benefits of pursuing PGP in Internet of Things.

Benefits of PGP in Internet of Things Programs

As this program focuses on the latest technologies and development, this course can boost up the career of the engineering professionals and of people of other related domains.

  • After the completion of this program, the candidates will gain expertise in designing their own IoT prototype.
  • Further, the candidates will get exposure to understand the uses of various tools like embedded operating systems, IoT protocols, and micro controllers.
  • The candidates will gain expertise in creating and developing IoT based products.
  • Moreover, the candidates are offered with the best job opportunities in the top-notch companies and MNCs.
  • After completing PGP in Internet of Things, the candidates are also offered with an attractive salary package as companies require developers for IoT based products and services.
  • The candidates will also get an opportunity to build their network in order to boost their professional skills and job prospects.
  • Besides this, during the program candidates will be exposed to a wide variety of things which will help in their overall development.
  • Moreover, this program works as a plus factor for the IT candidates, to stand out among the other professionals.

So, these were the few benefits of pursuing this program. But, to help you get a clear picture, here is the scope of completing Postgraduate Program in Internet of Things.

Scope of Postgraduate Program in Internet of Things

As the program focuses on prototyping, application development, and micro controllers, it is the next big thing which will surely transform the employment outlook of the IT sector. With the introduction of IoT, the demand for IoT skilled professionals increased by 300 percent. And, as far the career scope is concerned candidates can expect to work as:

  • Data scientists
  • IoT architects
  • Industrial engineers
  • IoT developers
  • Web development engineer
  • Software engineer

Besides this, one can explore the various job opportunities after completing this program. Beyond that, for all the leaders of tomorrow, IoT is something that will surely help in improving and boosting your job prospects.

In the end, for all the professional candidates, we can say that this program is one of those things which is going to bring a new wave in the IT sector. And, for all those who wish to be a part of this next big thing can enroll in this program to open up new avenues that will help them to boost their skills and expertise. So, if you also dream to be the one who wishes to bring the change in this dynamic world of technology, then make sure that you enroll in this program.

Course Features

  • Lectures 105
What is the scope of this course?

There is a huge scope of the course which is globally recognized by the plenty of organizations that will help to make your job career bright in any field.

What is the value of this course in the international market?

It is a trendy course enriched with lots of technologies and methodology that generates lots of job opportunities in the international market.

What kind of salary may I expect after completing this course?

Well, companies provide a huge salary package to the PGP in Internet of Things graduates . You can obtain an average salary package of up to $100,000 in the international market. An entry level salary has grown by more than 200% in the last 8-9 years.

How do I enroll for this course?

You can very smoothly enroll yourself in this course on our official website. You can fill the required details regarding the course and then complete the online payment process via credit card. Once the online payment completed, you will get an automated generated payment receipt and access details on your registered email ID.

Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for all those who want to make their carrier in the IT field of varied sectors such as IT, Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics, Energy and others. Any working professional can also take this course to expertise their skills and knowledge.

By whom I learn this course?

We always attempt to provide the best teaching efforts and never compromise with that. We have a team of certified instructor that will assist you to clear this program in the first attempt. You can also get our teaching help throughout the business hour too.

What if I miss any session?

Sometimes if you miss any class, then you don't worry at all because we record our every class and you can very easily access the pre-recorded session of that particular class that you missed.

What is our 24/7 Support promise?

If you stuck into any sort of problem regarding the course, then we are always here to assist you in any situation. Our dedicated team of professionals will give you on-demand assistance.