Apple unveiling a new 'Passwords' app next week.

As part of the forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC which begins on June 10, 2024), Apple is expected to release its new free password management application called “Passwords”. This app will help use in keeping all their login details in one place and across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision Pro, and even Windows personal computers. 

Key Features of the Passwords App

  • Comprehensive Management: Passwords app will also serve as a password manager for storing and supporting both passwords and passkeys securely, for Wi-Fi networks, services, and accounts, sorted for easy navigation and tracking. 
  • Cross-Platform Support: It details that unlike the current iCloud Keychain, the new app will include support for Windows and therefore provide a more flexible in use tool for users with enhanced compatibility across operating systems. 
  • Autofill and Authentication: In accordance with the functionalities of the similar applications like LastPass and 1Password, the Passwords app will have an autofill functionality that will work with usernames and passwords; in addition, it is possible to generate authentication codes that will also increase the security level and the convenience of the app. Timeline and Expectations.

June 10, 2024 : Apple will introduce the Passwords app during the WWDC keynote, which starts at 10:To be precise, the deserted zone includes the area from 4. 00 p. m until 00. 00 a. m. Pacific Time. 

Apple’s version will be offered live streaming of this event. com, Youtube, Apple TV or any other application which is permitted to stream the videos. iOS 18 and iPadOS 18: These updates are expected to carry major AI tool that incorporates the likes of photo retouching, voice memo transcription, and search enhancements. macOS 15: New features in macOS promises to integrate many of the objects produced in AI as iOS 18 so that to improve the usage picture in all devices. 

One of the important utilities that can be included in the Passwords App is the ability to differentiate the importance of the passwords to be created. 

However, the Passwords app is part of Apple’s multi-directional plan to boost security and ease for its users in different aspects. This app will include many other features of password control apart from just changing passwords that will help users protect their identities and provide convenience when using their gadgets.

Additional Updates Expected at WWDC

In addition to the Passwords app, Apple is expected to unveil updates for several other operating systems:

watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2: Updates for these systems will also be announced, although specific details remain under wraps​ (MacRumors)​.


Apple's WWDC 2024 promises to be a landmark event with the introduction of the Passwords app, aimed at revolutionizing password management. This new app, alongside significant updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, highlights Apple's commitment to enhancing security and user experience across its ecosystem.