Astronauts Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Delectable Treats Aboard ISS

The astronauts of ISS specifically celebrated World Chocolate Day on the 7 th of July, 2024 by eating various chocolates. To provide some context, the European Space Agency (ESA) shared a few snaps of this peculiar drinking wool on Instagram and everybody, and by everybody, I mean the fans of chocolate anywhere in the world were impressed.

In the microgravity environment of the ISS, the astronauts enjoyed a variety of chocolate delicacies:

  • Chocolate Crepes: Cooking real Mexican chocolate, astronauts also baked delicious meals with the help of flour tortillas such as chocolate crepes. The floating snacks also were cute and connected to their out-of-this-world party perfectly.
  • Chocolate Mousse: They also enjoyed silky chocolate mousse for which they are also subjects in experiments performed on the ISS. This treat proves the combination of fun and studying in space. 
  • Chocolate-Covered Biscuit Houses: The NASA engineers and astronauts took time to prepare biscuit houses with a coating of chocolate, giving the place a home feeling in the outer space. 

In one of the videos that ESA prepared, it depicted a strawberry chocolate crepe flying inside the ISS or astronauts eating chocolate mousse. The post described the feeling of taste a sweet on world chocolate day in space so every single bite is sent out into the space.

The audiences who are internet users especially the Facebook Friends reacted positively on the posts with comments like, “That’s cool! Floating snack!!” , “Those chocolates are yummy, enjoy!! God bless the astronauts!!! Have a good cosmic journey!!!

Chocolate or World Chocolate Day which is observed every 7th of July is a day set aside for chocolate enthusiasts to celebrate chocolate products and learn the origin and history of products. This year, people enjoyed the celebration and the taste of chocolate in the extra terrestrial environment, completing the mission on the International Space Station.